Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lighting decoration

I love reading magazines. Whenever I go to a book store, I visit the Home and Decoration section first and grab some of the latest magazines. My hubby makes fun of me sometimes and calls me a magazine maniac :)

So, I was in the bookstore yesterday and grabbed the latest edition of the Metropolitan Home magazine. It featured a small 'Question and Answer' section on Nadja Swarovski. She had commissioned architects and designers to use Swarovski Crystals in creating the Crystal Palace Collection, a contemporary illustration of lighting and design showcase.

The designers were inspired by various sources such as nature, visual arts, high tech designs etc. 
In particular, I loved the chandelier creation by Zaha Hadid. I admire Zaha Hadid for her contemporary style designs. This chandelier is yet another remarkable work she has produced. It looks so cosmic and light. "The chandelier extends in a 45 degree angle from floor to ceiling in the form of a fluted cone." Below are the photographs.   

Who said chandeliers are obsolete and are out of fashion? Attached are some really cool looking chandeliers. 

Tord Boontje’s Blossom chandelier

I love this Chandelier. I can see that Todd has captured the true essence of nature in producing this masterpiece. It is modernistic and organic. The use of pink crystals produces a feeling of delicacy. I can relate to his designs very well, as I am an ardent fan of bringing Nature in. It is a great example of excellence.

Ingo Maurer

The chandelier is so airy. Ingo Maurer produces his work based on every day materials such as tubes, papers, cans, bottles etc.
This chandelier was produced using paper. If you take a closer look at the picture , you will notice that the papers are attached to the metallic strands by small binder clips (an every day usable product). I read somewhere that these paper slips are love letters. Some of the papers are left blank for you to complete. What an excellent piece of art where the designer is able to produce something that could be tailored by the user's imagination? If I buy this chandelier, I would probably draw or paint instead of writing something.
Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

wow! i really did not know there was this much to chandeliers. some of these chandeliers are barely identifiable as chandeliers.

Alicia B Designs said...

OOO i love that twig one! it looks like ice on a tree branch.

Tim said...

Very imformative blog, thanks!