Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shade in the Summer?

I love spending time outside my apartment especially when the weather is nice. However, I am prone to unbearable headaches. So overexposure to sun can be a big hurdle for me.
As summer is approaching, now is a good time to start looking for deals on outdoor furniture.

I have put together a list of available furniture options especially for people like me, who would perhaps prefer to be in a shade.

Here you go

Fringes are hung from the round top of this Parasol instantly creating a fabulous glam piece.

I love this very unique umbrella. The shade is made of sunbrella canvas. Impress your friends and family by installing this classic deco style Sun Shade.

Ahh.. I am a huge cb2 fan. This modern umbrella is lovely.
Looks like a huge Lamp. Don't you think so? Price is pretty decent as well.

The egg chair can seat up to 2. Very comfortable and looks Chic.

An ultimate pool side accessory from pottery barn. Cabanas are supposedly a changing area. I would use it as a napping area :)

It seems the Canopy blocks around 85% of sunlight.
It definitely is very elegant and futuristic.

This Synthetic Knit fabric blocks 90% of the sun's rays. Easy to carry and Store.

A piece of advice from me, when you head out, carry a light-weight umbrella, wear a sunglass and a cap to protect yourself from the Sun. Oh, don't forget to apply sunblock lotion to keep your skin flawless.

Happy Summer to All!

Friday, March 20, 2009

MoMA Finds

I was thinking of visiting the Museum of Modern Art (a.k.a. MoMA) this weekend and decided to check out their online store. MoMA offers some really cool and unique products designed and produced by the world class designers/architects/artisans.

Here are the selected few items from my shopping bag.

This bookmark is a reproduction of the Frank Lloyd Wright's leaded glass windows designed for the Avery Coonley Playhouse and for the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo

The combination of the various geometrical shapes along with the inclusion of the bright colors works harmoniously together.

I love the attached gold tassel.

Toro Tissue Ring

Scott Christensen, 2003


If you are sick and tired of the plain old kleenex cardboard boxes, use this innovative tissue holder. All you have to do is remove the tissues and place the ring on top of the stack of tissues.

Tower of Clips

Barbara Flanagan, 2007


This is a perfect addition to your office. Create a display out of your office mess!

Holds paper, clips, photos, keys etc.

Designed by Barbara Flanagan for MoMA.

Product Description from the MoMA Store:

"The Cable Turtle conceals up to 36” of excess cords and wires, and is ideal for telephone and electrical cords, iPod chargers, speakers, and more. Set of two."

X-Shaped Rubber Bands


Aren't these cool?

I love these Bold and geometrical hooks.
Why not be creative and come up with some funky wall arrangements huh??

Have a wonderful weekend.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Metallic Mesh Designs

Metals are used widely in almost all the Industries. The Malleable (meaning: It could be hammered down into thin strips) quality of the metal contributes to its predominance over other materials.

In the Design world, Metallic furniture are often used in a clean and minimalist style setting. Metals have this shimmery aesthetic quality, which when alone or combined with other materials, could produce an incredible fascinating end-product. Apart from using Metals as a part of furniture, Architectural and Design companies have started producing fabrics, lighting, and flooring materials from different metallic sources.

I love Metals. I use it everyday in the form of jewelry, shoes etc. I especially like the Mesh patterns of the Metallic objects.

Here are some:

(1) Metallic Drapery from Whiting & Davis

These striking and glamorous tall curtains made of Metallic mesh by Whiting & Davis are so chic and uber cool. It is an Urbanite's dream come true drapery. If I was residing in a loft or an industrial like building, this chic drapery would be my absolute buy!

These draperies are super freakin flam!

(2) Zafir Gold Mesh 15-Light Halogen Pendant Chandelier
Euro StyleLighting
Price: $949.91

This chandelier is stunning. If you would like to add an unique as well as an elegant accent to your home, this is it for you.
The shade has a delicate tissue paper like design. Fifteen lights shine through the gold mesh giving it a gracious look.

(3) Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chair
Designed by Harry Bertoia
Available at Knoll

I love the delicate interwoven metallic back of this chair. It looks very lightweight, airy and would be a great addition to a contemporary interior space.

(4) Gold Mesh Sofa by Russell Woodard.
Similar pieces can be found at

(5) Ellie Shoes Women's 609-LIZ 6" Stiletto Heel Mule w/2" platform and Metallic Mesh
Price: $56.88
I love this Pump. If you want the center of attention, or would like to make a statement, wear this pump, it will not let you down :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mondrian Craze

Piet Mondrian is one of my all time favorite artist. He produced art using simple, geometrical blocks based on a grid system utilizing the three primary colors, RED, BLUE, and YELLOW with black and white lines. The simplicity is what drives me closer to his art.

Designers have always been and will continue to get inspired by Mondrian. The most famous design movement, called the 'De Stijl' (Meaning The style in Dutch) used Mondrian's artistic elements. The movement was founded by architect and painter Theo van Deosburg in 1917 in Leiden. Other founders of the group included the sculptor Vantongerloo, architect JJP Oud, designer Rietveld, and the painter Mondrian.

Following are some of the Mondrian inspired pieces/design elements.

Mondrian Knit dress from Saks
On Sale: Price: $596.90
Still a lil expensive for me :(

Windows Vase by Chiasso
Price: $58.00
Affordable for me! Yay :)
It could be positioned in three ways. I love the modern and contemporary look of this Vase.

CHROMIFOCUS by Euroflues
This is a wall installed fireplace that acts as an art piece when closed using the three Mondrian Inspired sliding doors.

Price: $1070.00
This piece is handmade in Germany.

By Al & Jo: Mondrian inspired Classic Piet Cabinet Collection

CB2's Mondrian Media Console.


I love this CB2's media cabinet. It looks so light and airy.


Decker Large Shelf from Overstock
Although, the three primary colors are not used in this shelf, I see some Mondrian's inspiration in this piece.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

DIY: Floor Pillow.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about floor pillows, and today I made my own from scratch. It is completely free. I took the cotton from my old pillows & I had some fabric samples lying around in my craft's bin. I used two different fabrics, ( a patterned fabric that you can see below, and a dark brown fabric for the bottom part), the cotton from the pillow and with the help of my new fav device, the sewing machine, came up with this Result.

Any Critics?? Any jurors who would like to give me an honest verdict? Thanks.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Decorating with Floor cushions/pillows

I face a big dilemma in coming up with seating arrangements when it comes to inviting people over to my really teeny Manhattan apartment. Till now, I haven't been able to invite more than five friends at a time. I know I can squeeze in up-to ten people in my living room. The major problem is the lack of furniture. It is so expensive, and I seriously don't have much money to spare at this moment. So, I am thinking, how can I create an interior setting for entertaining up to 10? Voila, The answer is by purchasing Floor Cushions.

Floor Cushions have been widely used in Asian and African interior settings. These cushions are easy to transport, inexpensive, and when not in use, can be stacked up in a corner. Floor cushions are a great way to spruce up a room. You can choose bright colors, varied patterns to create an exotic look or go with a plain muted down cotton, silk, or linen fabric for a simple & sophisticated look. The decoration option is up to you.

Here are some Floor Cushions I would like to purchase sometime in the future:

Floor Pillows/Cushions from Zara Home
Platabanda floor cushion
Price: 45.90 Euros.
100% Cotton. Perfect for a Modern look.
Party Floor Cushion
Price: 45.90 Euros.
This Velvety cushion adds a luxurious look to any space.
Stripes Floor Cushion
Price: 45.90 Euros.
I love this. It is made up of 100% silk. Very elegant and sophisticated.

Floor Cushion from EQ3

This is perfect for my budget. Pretty affordable. Don't you think?

Floor Cushions from Wrapables:

16" by 16" Hanami Floor Cushion for $17.99
Add a little bit of Japanese decor to your room.

Floor Cushions from West Elm

26 sq " Water Hyacinth Floor Pillows for $39.99
The best deal for the buck. It is on sale. The original price was $99.99

I have included the most affordable products. If you are willing to spend a little more, check out Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

Hope you guys liked my selection. Any suggestions??

Friday, March 6, 2009

Reduce, Reuse and Renovate.

"Carbon Neutral on a Shoestring," an article published in 'The NY Times' under the Home and Garden section is so inspiring. Petz Scholtus, a 28 year old product designer from Luxumbourg, retrofitted her 18th-century apartment in Barcelona as a green machine. She wanted to create a complete Green Home using inexpensive materials adhering to the three fundamental R’s of environmentalism: reduce, reuse, recycle.
The Article is a must-read.

Here are some photos from the Slideshow:

Bidon Lamps:

She constructed her own handmade bidon lamps.
(bidón = jerry can or container;) She picked up a few from the streets, and fitted them with compact fluorescent bulbs and PVC-free wiring.
The DIY instructions can be found in her blog: Click Here

Magazine Holder:

She added castors to the antique drawers found on the street.

Compost for her Herb Garden:

"On the terrace, worms quietly gnaw through her kitchen scraps, making compost for her herb garden." -- NY Times

A planter made from an old tire

Storage Containers:

These Collapsible felt storage containers are called Stuff Bumps.
They are are made from recycled wool and card stock.

Carbon Free Moving

Ms. Scholtus used the truck-bike to move her furniture. Luckily she had none at that point of time.

I am so inspired by her going green motives. We all can do a little to save our environment. Start off by getting rid of plastics when you shop, do groceries etc. Take your own shopping bag. Try to recycle. I feel stricter laws should be enacted for recycling in the United States.
We all are responsible for making our Earth a better livable place for our future generation.

Any Thoughts??