Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Weekend

Have a good weekend everyone.
Blossom chair from Anthropologie.

Isn't it cool?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bench Styles

Yesterday morning, I was walking across the Central Park. The weather was dreadful, cold and windy. As I rushed back to get home soon, I noticed this cute little doggy taking a nap in an isolated bench. It was such a delight. I felt so serene and peaceful. I love benches. I know it is such an ordinary object, yet it could be fun, artsy, simple, sophisticated and functional.

Taken from Nuevo Estilo. The colorful green pillow on top of the plain wrought Iron bench looks pretty chic. I like the clean and simple lines of the wooden seat.

Tree Trunk Bench From Vividvormgeving.
This is a perfect example of exhibiting the artistic elements involved in crafting this piece. A simple wooden trunk is used, with bronze chair back attached to the back of the log. Pretty easy DIY stuff.

El Filósofo (the philosopher) bench designed by Alfredo Häberli from BD Barcelona design.
Alfredo designed this bench, inspired by a person who needs some quiet and visual calm, but never wants to be alone, because he needs to chat.
Pretty cool isn't it?

An upholstered indoor bench from Domino by lili diallo.
This simple bench gets dressed by adding a vibrant throw, and colorful decorative pillows.

Another indoor bench substitute from Domino. The intricate detailed carvings are handcrafted in India.
These pairs are decorative as well as practical for seating, and storage. A perfect addition to your bedroom decor.

Any thoughts??

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mood for something Indian!

I am in the mood for something Indian today.  I made my traditional morning cup of chai with cardamom and ginger, and parantas for breakfast. (Parantas are flatbread stuffed with potatoes, onions, spinach or any thing you would like to add). 

Well, besides food, I am also in the mood for writing a post on Indian decor.  My fav blogger, anindiansummer recently posted some Images from Nuevo Estilo (a magazine based out of Spain).  I totally fell in love with the sophisticated, and exotic designs.  

Ah...I love the dress. 
The chaise, the hand crafted wardrobe, the Red and White Checkered floor and the stationary arched back wall works very well together. 

The hand made embroidery work is lovely. 

A closer look at the chaise and the wardrobe.  

A fusion of contemporary and Indian Home Collections by Portico

Very contemporary indeed. Love the blues. 

100 %  cotton table napkins from Fab India 

Pillow and bed linens from Fab India. 

I love the products from Fab India. Most linens are made up of 100% pure cotton. Now you can shop online as well. 

I would like to thank anIndiansummer once again for my inspiration. She has got some great products to offer in her bazaar

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boomerang Key holder

Have you guys ever thrown a boomerang? I remember throwing something similar to a boomerang when I was a kid. Today, out of the blue, I decided to make a boomerang key holder. Here are some pictures:

I used the following materials: Indian fabric, gold ribbons, and guess what a metal hanger. 

Do let me know if you guys like my product? 
I might put it up for Sale on Etsy 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

DIY - Medicine Box

Life cannot be taken for granted. This weekend, my dad was hospitalized. He underwent an open heart surgery. Thank god, his surgery went off well. I am very close to my dad, and I was taken aback and felt helpless when I heard the news from my sister. I wish I could've been near him in India. That moment made me realize that life is too short & I am going to try my  best to be healthy, happy & spend more time with my family. 

My dad is doing fine. He will be discharged after 10 days.  Besides sending him a get well card, I wanted to make something special. I came up with a hand-made medicine box. It is pretty easy to construct, and here are the steps:

Step # 1:

I took my spare Iphone Box and took out all the materials.  The only two things we need are the transparent lid with the hole, and the bottom box.  You can of-course substitute the Iphone box with a cardboard box of your choice. 

Step # 2:

Measure the sides (length, width and the depth). 

Step # 3:

Now, we need a mat knife and a mat board. Cut out a rectangle (subtract 1/2" (length and depth) from the above measurements). This will be used as the main divider. 

Cut three smaller rectangles/squares that we will use to slide between the walls of the box and the divider. 

Step # 4:

Choose a fabric and wrap the box using the selected fabric.I used a non poisonous/non lead based glue and paint.

Step # 5:

Now place the cut and colored rectangular mat pieces inside the box.  I have made five divisions.  

Step # 6:

Cut a small fabric to cover the box since the lid we will be using has a small hole in the center. 

Step # 7:

Slide and Place the transparent lid on top of the box. 

Step # 8:

Voila, here we have our final hand made medicine box. 

The best part of this box is the transparent lid. You can write notes using a marker, and can wash it off. Instead of a medicine box, you can also use this as a jewelry box or for storing any accessories. 

What do you think?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's day!

Valentine's Day is not meant to be celebrated just for lovers. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, each one of us can celebrate this day in our own special way. When I was single, I used to invite my friends and family over for a nice dinner followed by a movie.
Now, I am married & a little broke. I need to come up with something a lil more cost effective. 
I started by penning down the things my husband likes, and here is the list: 

1) Girardelli's Dark chocolate
2) A movie buff
3) Loves to Eat
4) Encourages my creative pursuits
5) Loves to spend time with me outdoors.

Ok, so I am thinking this is easy, I can definitely come up with something that will not cost me a huge fortune. This is how I am planning on spending my special day tomorrow 

1) Bake a Cake at home
This is going to be my first time baking a chocolate cake. Any ideas?? Please send me some recipes if you have any. 

We had this Cake in Bellagio, Italy. This was our first vacation together after getting married.  We loved it. It tasted so YUMMM!

2) Pick up a Romantic Comedy movie, preferably something that was shot in France or Italy. We recently watched "Priceless" and I loved it.  I felt like going to the French Riviera the very same day.  I am thinking of renting "The Roman Holiday"  Any movie buff out there?? Is this a good movie? I would like to hear your reviews, besides going to Rotten tomatoes, and other movie review sites. 

3) Cook a Nice Dinner --Maybe something Italian to go with the movie. & buy Chianti 

Again, we had this Salad at the same restaurant in Bellagio. SO Fresh and Refreshing. 

That is my hubby having an Italian Beer at Roma. 

This is Me, Moi, waiting for the main course to arrive. 
I am so glad, I am looking at these photographs now. I have a good idea of what to cook now, Bruschetta, salad, and Pasta & buy some nice Chianti Vino Russo. 

4) create a greeting card at home from scratch

5) I was thinking of taking a stroll in the Central Park tomorrow. The weather is not cooperating though!
 Maybe Ice Skating at the AMNH??  I heard the admission tickets are pretty cheap (10 dollars/person including the rentals) & there is a coupon as well ( 2 for 1 valentine's special offer)

Whatever your plans are, Wishing you guys a very happy valentine's day. Enjoy and don't be Sad. Spend time with your loved ones, family or just simply enjoy the quality time spending with yourself.
I have a lot to do, clean, cook, etc etc. Ciao. 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I heart 'Red' Kitchens.

Do you guys watch the HGTV's 'House Hunter International' TV show? I recently watched this episode on Sao Paulo Search in Brazil. Vinnie (the house hunter) was living with his sister for 5 years & was looking to buy a new one bedroom condo. He finally finds a condo of his choice and decides to renovate the entire flat. I fell in love with his kitchen. He used red tiles, state of the art stainless steel appliances, and white cabinets.

After seeing that show, I developed a new taste of using 'Red' in the Kitchen. In my family, we always hung out in the kitchen. It is the heart of our home. Red can instantly increase the energy level & works well in a social gathering space. Red can be used as an accent or as a primary color in the Kitchen.

This small Kitchen was featured in Marie Claire Maison. I love the Red cabinets juxtaposed against the White background.

From Sunset Magazine. Love the Red and Orange Backsplash tiles. The bright geometric tiles work very well with the stainless steel appliances, the black countertops, and the light oak cabinets.

This is my fav. The above pic was featured in the Arch Digest, designed by Ted Turner. The kitchen design is based on a historical Spanish colonial homes of Mexico. I love the red and white decorative tile work.

The above kitchen is designed by , featured in House Beautiful.
Here, Red is used as an Accent color. The toile draperies, the pillow cushions, the knobs on the oven/gas range (check the 1st pic), and the window treatments are accentuated with Red accessories. The Vaughan's Pagoda red tole lantern hanging from the ceiling looks classy. This French styled kitchen looks so sophisticated, soft, elegant and inviting.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Beauty of Mosaics

Last week, I had taken couple of my friends out for shopping in Soho (Lower Manhattan).  While we were walking down the cobbled alleys,  I came across this beautiful Mosaic store.  I just took a peek from outside, as my friends insisted on going to some boutique shop.  That night, I came home and searched online for all the Mosaic Stores in Soho & I believe I was taking a peek at the "SICIS, The Art Factory" showroom. 

Have you guys been to their showroom? I am definitely going to pay a visit over this weekend.  

The following collages contain different Mosaic designs from their Website

Click on the Image for a blown up version of the collage. 

I love the floral design, the shimmery look and the marble mosaic flooring. Check out the figurines at the upper right hand corner!  Love the bling bling. 

Collage -2
The gold leaf mosaic is made up of glass (Lower Left Corner). The silver marble bathtub is elegantly placed in front of the Turquoise floral Wall mosaic. (Upper Right Corner)
Ah.. I would love to have this wall mosaic and the tub in my bathroom.  The entire collection evokes a Royal feeling. 

Apart from the SICIS, Art Factory, I liked the designs by UK based companies such as Zenith and Surface; Iris Ceramica, an Italian based company & US based Architectural Ceramics

Here are some of the Mosaics designed by the above companies:

Kitchen Design by Iris Ceramica

Bathroom Designs by Iris Ceramica


Love the Blue and White combination. 

Kid's Corner by Surface:

I feel that SICIS' products are hip, glamorous and uber-cool. I totally loved the bling bling, the marble flooring and the unique craftsmanship. 

Do you think Mosaics are "In" this Year?   Any thoughts??