Friday, January 30, 2009

Design and Architecture of Frank Gehry's IAC building in NYC

My hubby works in the IAC building located at Chelsea, New York City.  This December, I had been to his company's holiday party that took place in the building's lobby.  After a couple of glasses of alcohol and socializing with his colleagues, I decided to  venture out and check the design and architecture of this unique building. 

The IAC (InterActiveCorp) building  was built and completed in 2007 by Frank Gehry, a renowned Architect who built Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain.  What distinguishes this building from the others, is the way it is shaped.  Unlike other office buildings, IAC is not based on a rectangular geometric skeletal structure.    When viewed from the North, the building looks like  a glowing Yacht sailing towards the Hudson River.  The Motif of "Yacht" was Barry Diller's idea. (The CEO of IAC)

The building is entirely made of glass. The White exterior is achieved by using custom designed frits.

According to an article published in Guardian News: 

 "Frits are small white enamel dots that are silk-screened onto the glass below waist-height and above head-height, leaving an eye-level band of clear glass for untrammelled views"

Building at Night.  Looks like a huge glowing "A line" pleated skirt to me. 

Building Interiors: 

The Lobby: I love the curvilinear seating.  The video walls on the left are supposedly the largest in the world.  

The Cubicles

The cubicles were custom built and allow the light to pass through each and every work station. The nine-color palette blends warm and cool hues.

Finally, the Restrooms

Love this Bathroom. So colorful. 

Some critics claim that Frank Gehry's IAC Project is no where comparable to his earlier accomplishments such as the Guggenheim in Spain, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Disney, LA.  

I do agree with their stance, but at the same time, I also feel that Gehry has done a phenomenal job considering that this is an "Office building" and he had to abide by his Client's viewpoint. 

Any comments? Are you a big fan of Frank Gehry? If so, how do you think he could have changed the construction & design of this building? 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paula Hayes

Yesterday I was at the School of Visual Arts, and I couldn't help but notice the big poster of Paula Hayes pinned up on the main bulletin board.  Too bad I missed her event on the 20th. After my class got over, I came home right away and did a google search on Paula Hayes. 

Oh boy! what an extraordinary artist is she!

Paula Hayes is a New York based sculptor, painter and landscape designer.  She creates terrariums (enclosed glass containers for growing and displaying plants), bird houses, and other outdoor objects by incorporating living organisms into non-living things.   

As an admirer of nature, how can I possibly not like her, whose source of inspiration derives from Nature as well?

Terrariums by Paula Hayes:

I love the way Paula uses a biomorphic shaped hand blown glass container.  Since a terrarium displays  living plants, it makes sense to use an organic or amorphic shaped vessel. Paula does a remarkable job in displaying her work by following the theory "Form Follows Function" 

It reminds me of the fluidity and the rhythmic forms of nature.  It seems Paula puts in a lot of hard work and takes care of each terrarium for about a year until the miniature plants are positioned properly for sale.   

Paula's Dry Garden vase.

Paula Hayes's Planters displayed at Design Miami

These planters are gorgeous. Love the shape. 

A living Necklace

The living necklace is made of fishing lines. Paula crocheted these lines into hanging air-plant holders.

What a great addition to our Urban Living Room huh? 

Bird Projects: 

An example of a bird bath. I love the rendering work done in Acrylic. 

This bird feeder is hung in a tree shaped Aluminum pole. How cool is that? 

I am hooked onto Paula's work.  I feel so motivated to create my very own terrarium.  I already have a glass jar with an opening. I am just not sure about the steps to follow. 

Has anyone created a terrarium? Where do you get the miniature plants? Your advice, suggestions are welcome. 

Monday, January 26, 2009

Zara Home - 2009

I am sure most of us must have heard about Zara. For those who haven't yet, It is a Spanish retail chain that carries seven product lines including clothing for men,women and kids; cosmetics, shoes, home and complements. Zara Home is what i want to talk about today. Unfortunately, we do not have Zara Home in the US.  If you know someone in Europe, you can order your items online, and ask him/her to ship them to you. I am thinking of doing that. 

Zara just came up with the Spring/Summer 2009 catalog. I was so excited to see the new designs.  Bright Turquoise seems to be this year's spring/summer trend. Check out the bright rooms from this year's catalog:

I love the turquoise patterns on the table cloth. Florals are in this Year again  

Another floral pattern in Red.

The crochet work is very pretty. 

Some of my favorite home design collections that were featured in the past catalogs are:
Love this Moroccan themed room.  The Yellow accessories (rug, pillows, chair cushions etc) add a dramatic effect to the otherwise neutral Interior.   The tile work on the walls are delicately done. 

Yet, another daring interior setting. Wow, check out the Black and White accessories/furniture against the Red Wall.  Bold and Beautiful!

A really soothing bedroom.  I could sleep here all day and night & not give a damn about anything :)

I can't wait for Zara to open the Home design section in NY. I am not sure about the quality of the products, but I absolutely love the designs.  What do you guys think?  Do you like the Turquoise for this Summer? Or would you have preferred some other color? 
Do let me know.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Blue and White Combination

The bookstore has become my favorite hangout place.  I love spending hours at the bookstore reading books and magazines on Home Design & Decoration. I always get inspired by what others have done in the past and I feel motivated to do something new.  

This weekend as usual, I was at Barnes & Noble, and I came across a fantastic book called "A Passion for Blue and White" by  Carolyne Roehm.  Blue and White happens to be one of my favorite Color Combinations as well. The book covers the whole nine yards of varying values of blue ranging from really light sky blue to deep purple blue.  Carolyne uses the colors intelligently  to evoke various moods, from soothing relaxing bathroom to a really vibrant dining room. For all Blue lovers, this book is a must-read.  

Here are some of my Inspiration pictures from the book

I love the blue striped Willowy fabric that serves as a canopy. By looking at the picture, I can already sense the cool breeze of a nice summer evening.  I miss Summer :(  I can't wait to have picnics in the park and enjoy the company of friends & family.  

Why not take your loved one out for a picnic and set up something that closely looks like the above pic. I am sure, he or she would definitely be impressed. 

The blue and white flower arrangements atop the center round table produce a fresh feeling (left). On the Right, the upholstered X (cross legged) table complements the Blue and white accessories on top of it very well. 

Blue and White colors are very easy to work with in both classic and contemporary interiors.  Many  Mediterranean Countries have widely used blue and white throughout their history. A classic example is the Moroccan Design and Architecture. 

The blue tiles in the open bath look bright corresponding to the white fountain stand. On the Right, is a picture of a Moroccan open courtyard.  (Pictures are taken from  the "Decorating with Blue and White" book)

Designed by Barbara Bestor for Intelligentsia (A cafe located at SilverLake, LA. Pic taken from Apartment Therapy)

1st: A moorish theme bathroom by Designer Robin Bell featured in House Beautiful. 

I want this Bathroom so badly:)

2nd: A Marrakesh bathroom design from Freshhome

Below are some of the Blue and White Interior design settings. 

Connecticut Lake Cottage  (Porch from House Beautiful )

Betsy Burnham's design for Whitier Drive Residence

I would love to visit Morocco sometime in the future. I love the intricate tile work, dominant bright blue colors, and the architectural details.  

Hope you guys enjoyed this Post.  

What do you guys think about the blue and white color combination? Haven't you fallen in love already?  

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Yes We Can" The Inauguration of Barack Obama

"Yes We Can!"

Today,  President Elect Obama will take oath as the 44th President of the United States of America. It is a remarkable event for all of us, and this particular Presidential election has touched our lives so deeply and personally. For the first time ever in US, an African American President has gotten elected. It makes us so proud to realize that Americans have moved away from the race issue, and are far more concerned about our nation and  its future.  We are all so lucky to witness history.   

I know bloggers all over the world are publishing posts on Obama, the Inauguration day, and the Red, Blue and White Patriotic photographs. Here is one more post to be added to the list. :)

When viewed from a design perspective, Red,Blue and White can make a strong bold statement.  Both Red and Blue are primary colors, and when combined with White, a nice sharp color palette is produced. If you are planning on celebrating today's event with your friends and family, check out some of my fav items that could spike up your patriotic spirits even further. 

Tommy Hilfiger Annapolis Bedding Collection

I love the fact that the sheets are pure 100% cotton. 

Hamptons Flag Mug

at Ralph Lauren

Price: $20.00

Sale Price: $14.99

American Living at JC Penny. 

The Official 2009 Inauguration Store

contains all kinds of art, accessories, clothing by various designers. 

Coloring book for the kids

tote bag

What do you guys think? Do you like any products? Isn't the tote bag really cute? 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sandrina Fasoli's Collection in selected Mango shops.

As a fan of Mango, I was thrilled to see the arrival of Sandrina Fasoli's 2008/2009 exclusive collection at Mangoshop online today.  I believe her collection is still not available at the US retail stores. But hey, you can always go online to shop for the latest trends. (Online Mangoshop)

Sandrina graduated from La Cambre (located in Belgium) in Fashion Design.  She was the first to win the 2007 Mango Fashion Awards.   Her new collection consists of eleven items.  

Check out the pics of some of my faves!


The smooth, shimmery satin like texture of the dress produces a  very feminine feel and look.  The colors used are mostly pastels and some black. Loose silhouettes, classic tuxedo elements and asymmetrical features are the main focus of her collection.   

I am thinking of buying  the pink satiny dress (the first pic) 

What do you think? Do you guys like her collection?  

Have a good weekend.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

HeimTextil 2009 Trade Fair

HeimTextil is an International Trade Fair for textiles and home decoration.  The fair started on Jan 14th and will last until Jan 17th in Frankfurt, Germany.  I was going through their website ( and was enthralled to see the various trend topics being discussed and exhibited in the Trade Fair. I wish I could have been a part of this extravagant event.  

For the first time, a trend book called "Expect the Unexpected" in a magazine format has been published.  It covers the six major trend themes "Illusionist", "Fortune Teller", "Alchemist", "Witchcraft" and "Enchanted" by providing illustrations of fashion, design and architectural trends.   I am thinking of ordering this book. It is slightly expensive for a magazine (40 euros, i believe).  Maybe i will wait and get a used copy from eBay for a cheaper price. If you are a Journalist, you can get it for free (Click Here!). If you do so, please don't forget to send me the link :)

Some of the themes I really loved are:  the "Illusionist", and the "Witchcraft".  Check out the Video from the Illusionist theme. I was in Awe.  

Video Link for the Illusionist theme.

Isn't it amazing?

Below is the photograph from the "Witchcraft" Theme.  It is a collage put together by the "Stijlinstituut", Amsterdam.  The source of inspiration was nature.  

Finally, I liked this work put together by three students from the University of Huddersfield in Northern England at the Campus Exhibition stall.  

Special Exhibition Campus Video Link

I liked the way how the color schemes put together by each student work great as a whole.   It is also interesting to note  how this one particular student was inspired by the credit crisis in UK.  She carefully chose the patterns, colors, and manipulated the structures basing them on people's stress, anxiety and  depression.  I applaud all of them for their  amazing  innovative work.

What do you guys think?  Do visit the web site. There is also a Trend Archive section.  I am sure you will enjoy that page.