Friday, February 6, 2009

The Beauty of Mosaics

Last week, I had taken couple of my friends out for shopping in Soho (Lower Manhattan).  While we were walking down the cobbled alleys,  I came across this beautiful Mosaic store.  I just took a peek from outside, as my friends insisted on going to some boutique shop.  That night, I came home and searched online for all the Mosaic Stores in Soho & I believe I was taking a peek at the "SICIS, The Art Factory" showroom. 

Have you guys been to their showroom? I am definitely going to pay a visit over this weekend.  

The following collages contain different Mosaic designs from their Website

Click on the Image for a blown up version of the collage. 

I love the floral design, the shimmery look and the marble mosaic flooring. Check out the figurines at the upper right hand corner!  Love the bling bling. 

Collage -2
The gold leaf mosaic is made up of glass (Lower Left Corner). The silver marble bathtub is elegantly placed in front of the Turquoise floral Wall mosaic. (Upper Right Corner)
Ah.. I would love to have this wall mosaic and the tub in my bathroom.  The entire collection evokes a Royal feeling. 

Apart from the SICIS, Art Factory, I liked the designs by UK based companies such as Zenith and Surface; Iris Ceramica, an Italian based company & US based Architectural Ceramics

Here are some of the Mosaics designed by the above companies:

Kitchen Design by Iris Ceramica

Bathroom Designs by Iris Ceramica


Love the Blue and White combination. 

Kid's Corner by Surface:

I feel that SICIS' products are hip, glamorous and uber-cool. I totally loved the bling bling, the marble flooring and the unique craftsmanship. 

Do you think Mosaics are "In" this Year?   Any thoughts??


Sheila-Army Wife said...

cool designs,nice blog

Esra said...

Beautiful post, the bathroom with its ornaments is stunning. I want to have a bath there, right now !!