Friday, February 20, 2009

Mood for something Indian!

I am in the mood for something Indian today.  I made my traditional morning cup of chai with cardamom and ginger, and parantas for breakfast. (Parantas are flatbread stuffed with potatoes, onions, spinach or any thing you would like to add). 

Well, besides food, I am also in the mood for writing a post on Indian decor.  My fav blogger, anindiansummer recently posted some Images from Nuevo Estilo (a magazine based out of Spain).  I totally fell in love with the sophisticated, and exotic designs.  

Ah...I love the dress. 
The chaise, the hand crafted wardrobe, the Red and White Checkered floor and the stationary arched back wall works very well together. 

The hand made embroidery work is lovely. 

A closer look at the chaise and the wardrobe.  

A fusion of contemporary and Indian Home Collections by Portico

Very contemporary indeed. Love the blues. 

100 %  cotton table napkins from Fab India 

Pillow and bed linens from Fab India. 

I love the products from Fab India. Most linens are made up of 100% pure cotton. Now you can shop online as well. 

I would like to thank anIndiansummer once again for my inspiration. She has got some great products to offer in her bazaar


Braja said...

I love FabIndia. In fact I'm wearing it right now :)

Hey you'll like this blog too:

It's a friend of mine, Indian girl but raised in Fiji and Australia. She has brilliant taste and a love for all these kinds of things too...

anusha said...

Braja, I just checked out your friend's blog. It is pretty nice. Thanks for passing it around. Hope you are having a good weekend

Tom Erdman said...

The fabrics of India are so well done, far and away the most vibrant, bold and beautiful of the fabrics I see anywhere. Your blog represents an important and interesting viewpoint. Thank you.