Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Apartment Pics

As promised, I am attaching some pics of my Sunny & Airy UWS brownstone apartment. I am going to miss this place.


View of my living Room.

I love the Bay windows. We have huge south facing windows that let in lots and lots of light.

Living Room: Sofa

I shop a lot from West Elm, CB2, & Pottery Barn. The sofa, glass coffee table and the geometrical neutral rug were purchased from West elm. The Dining bar table in the previous pic is from CB2.

I selected Neutral colors for the furniture and walls. I was not allowed to paint the walls.
I brought in the bright colors (blue and orange) by using decorative pillows. I made these pillow covers from my old saris. I chose the blue and orange accent colors from my painting (shown below).

We picked it up from a street fair in the Upper West Side, last summer. We both loved the bold colors.

Some Artifacts & Accessories from around the World.
First and Second: Evil Eye Mini Carpet Wall hanging From Turkey
Third: Cute key holder from Sienna, Italy.

Some More: From my Kitchen Area:

First: Ganesha, "The Indian god for removing obstacles". Nine difference spices are used to create this magnificent art work!

Second: A small display area in my Kitchen. (A square clock is super imposed on top of an Octagonal shaped container that holds various Indian condiments such as Pepper corns & Lentils.

Metallic figurines:
These figurines are made from metals such as silver, copper etc.
The peacock incense holder is my fav.

Serenity Now !

Small water fountain on top of an Asian inspired Table. A peaceful and serene corner decor!

Street View:

These brownstones are beautiful.


Patricia Torres said...

that lovely!! I like the bay windows as well!! Your cushions are very colourful!! Like the Ganesha..

The painting is nice as well.. Wish we had street fairs or flea markets to buy stuff from!! Like the fountain and the street view...

But am sure you'll make a great home of your new apartment.. Waiting to see pics of your new apartment!

Dana said...

I think you have a great taste in decor its a mix of cultures you have an European-Arab kind of taste.

Alicia B Designs said...

aw you're apt is so cute. it's so eclectic/modern/indian, I love it! You're going to have so much fun with your new place though.

anusha said...

Thanks everyone. I know I will miss this place, but I will have sure have lots of fun in the new apartment. We even have a Sun-room/deck. So I am kind of excited.

Gary Heller said...

Love all those large windows there.
I have that same bookcase you have in the background of that first pic. Is it two smaller cases that stack on eachother and can fld up flat for moving or storage?
i think I bought mine at the Container store somewhere in the city.
looking forward to the new pics

anusha said...

Gary, Yes, I got the bookcase from the container store. (two cases stacked on each other). It is so light-weight and easy to carry. Since I move so much, I tend to buy furniture that can be easily moved. Thanks.

erin@designcrisis said...

What a super fab neighborhood, and gorgeous windows!

Can't wait to see your new pad...

Anaka said...

Love the painting- there is so much going on there... so much activity and mystery. Lovely apartment!

Isabella said...

What a beautiful interieur! Your taste is impeccable. I'm looking forward to see pics of your new place!

anusha said...

I am still unpacking and settling down. Once I finish re-decorating, I'll post some more pics.
Thanks guys.

Bhavna said...

What a nice apartment! I love the assortment of cushions on the couch and the bright sunny living room said...

oh how I miss the street fairs in ny!


Leigha said...

Lovely space. So comfortable and well designed.