Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Weekend.

This weekend is going to be gorgeous. I miss the Summer. It is June, and we still have to carry a light jacket. When exactly are we going to feel the hot summer? I am so done with the rainy gray days. The weather was awesome today and I felt like gardening. Wouldn't it be nice to bring in some natural garden theme to your home??

Here is something for y'all:

stickers from

CLICK HERE for the English Translation

Have a wonderful weekend.


Robert Petril said...

Love it! Is that a Roche cushion?

Gary Heller said...

Striking, and yet simple and sweet. I am really diggin many of these wall sticker desings that are becoming so popular. These you have chosen are beautiful and so is the actual photograph of the layout.
Very nice.
I know what you mean about the weather being right here in New York with you. Today looks like its turning out to be a charmer, but yet we still have more rain in the forecast for later and the next few days. Lots of rainfall this spring so far, which should make for some really green and luscious plants and trees :)
Have a nice weekend.

anusha said...

Robert: Not really sure but the cushion looks soft and I love the deep pink.
Gary: thanks. If you find anything similar to these stickers in NY, please do let me know.
Re: rainfall, yep I guess I have to look at the positive future nice green summer :)