Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Black and White Interiors.

Sometimes decorating with colors can be quite inundating, considering the various ever-ending options available in today's marketplace.  Furthermore, for people who suffer from color-blindness, it becomes pivotal for a designer to conduct thorough research on what materials, colors, textures etc  to be used. 

Don't you think it would be easier to decorate using plain black and white colors? 

The use of plain old 'Black and White'  style creates a simple yet dazzling interior decor.  As far as I can remember from my Colors class,  there exists  a  color theory rule stating that in every room, a pinch of white and black usage is mandatory!  

In order to create a bold look in  a  black and white setting, a different color could be introduced.   I personally like Black and White with Red, blue, or Purple interiors.  Below are some photographs of black and white settings.

Designer:  Muebles Benicarlo (

Black and White with a touch of Purple Red Bedroom 

Designed by EGRES * (a design firm)

black and white Kitchen

Black and white room designed for a girl

What do you guys think? I feel that designing  using Black and White colors creates a stunning, magnificent ambiance and works for both traditional and contemporary minimalist settings.     

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Andrea J. Kranz said...

Wonderful black and white interior. You give a simple black and white interior in extra ordinary look that so good. I love your house decor blog, Thank you very much...

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