Friday, January 9, 2009

Reorganizing a small kitchen.

The economy seems to be worsening and the unemployment rate continues to spike up.  With just one income coming down my way, I sometimes find it very difficult to sustain in the city.  I needed to come up with cost cutting measures.  I decided to limit  my eating out options and instead start cooking at home.  I figured, I would not only enjoy a healthy and hearty meal but also can dramatically cut down on food  & eating out expenses.  

So here comes the dilemma of re-arranging and re-organizing my kitchen. I have a very small kitchen with absolutely no counter top area.  I am in dire need of a collapsible countertop. The cabinet storage area is pretty limited as well.   I went around looking for products for my kitchen and really liked the container store and Ikea.  Below are some of the products i am planning on purchasing for my kitchen.

Store and Spice Container from Container Store ($1.99 -$19.99)

Grundtal Kitchen Roll Holder for $10.00 from Ikea

Norbo Wall mounted drop leaft table from Ikea for $29.99
Asker Dish Drainer for 29.99 from Ikea

Kroken Ceiling mounted utensil rack  24.99 from Ikea. 

What do you guys think? I think more products should be introduced for small living spaces.  I like the collapsible/wall mounted solutions a lot.   Multi-use storage solutions such as sofa/bed with storage drawers, a bed with storage etc can be really useful in organizing small spaces.  


Alicia B Designs said...

What a good idea! I'm def going to need things like this for my new kitchen...that dish drying rack is being added to my list!

anusha said...

Thanks Alicia. I also loved the magnetic spice containers. I have metal cabinet doors in the kitchen, so works perfect for me. Came in pretty handy.