Friday, January 23, 2009

Blue and White Combination

The bookstore has become my favorite hangout place.  I love spending hours at the bookstore reading books and magazines on Home Design & Decoration. I always get inspired by what others have done in the past and I feel motivated to do something new.  

This weekend as usual, I was at Barnes & Noble, and I came across a fantastic book called "A Passion for Blue and White" by  Carolyne Roehm.  Blue and White happens to be one of my favorite Color Combinations as well. The book covers the whole nine yards of varying values of blue ranging from really light sky blue to deep purple blue.  Carolyne uses the colors intelligently  to evoke various moods, from soothing relaxing bathroom to a really vibrant dining room. For all Blue lovers, this book is a must-read.  

Here are some of my Inspiration pictures from the book

I love the blue striped Willowy fabric that serves as a canopy. By looking at the picture, I can already sense the cool breeze of a nice summer evening.  I miss Summer :(  I can't wait to have picnics in the park and enjoy the company of friends & family.  

Why not take your loved one out for a picnic and set up something that closely looks like the above pic. I am sure, he or she would definitely be impressed. 

The blue and white flower arrangements atop the center round table produce a fresh feeling (left). On the Right, the upholstered X (cross legged) table complements the Blue and white accessories on top of it very well. 

Blue and White colors are very easy to work with in both classic and contemporary interiors.  Many  Mediterranean Countries have widely used blue and white throughout their history. A classic example is the Moroccan Design and Architecture. 

The blue tiles in the open bath look bright corresponding to the white fountain stand. On the Right, is a picture of a Moroccan open courtyard.  (Pictures are taken from  the "Decorating with Blue and White" book)

Designed by Barbara Bestor for Intelligentsia (A cafe located at SilverLake, LA. Pic taken from Apartment Therapy)

1st: A moorish theme bathroom by Designer Robin Bell featured in House Beautiful. 

I want this Bathroom so badly:)

2nd: A Marrakesh bathroom design from Freshhome

Below are some of the Blue and White Interior design settings. 

Connecticut Lake Cottage  (Porch from House Beautiful )

Betsy Burnham's design for Whitier Drive Residence

I would love to visit Morocco sometime in the future. I love the intricate tile work, dominant bright blue colors, and the architectural details.  

Hope you guys enjoyed this Post.  

What do you guys think about the blue and white color combination? Haven't you fallen in love already?  


erin@designcrisis said...

I love blue and white tile for a bathroom, and your pictures remind me that I need to get myself to Morocco post haste!

anusha said...

Hi Erin. if you do go to Morocco sometime soon, do let me know. I will check your blog more often & I am sure you will be posting something spectacular from Morocco. I am just so fascinated with the Moroccan design.