Monday, January 26, 2009

Zara Home - 2009

I am sure most of us must have heard about Zara. For those who haven't yet, It is a Spanish retail chain that carries seven product lines including clothing for men,women and kids; cosmetics, shoes, home and complements. Zara Home is what i want to talk about today. Unfortunately, we do not have Zara Home in the US.  If you know someone in Europe, you can order your items online, and ask him/her to ship them to you. I am thinking of doing that. 

Zara just came up with the Spring/Summer 2009 catalog. I was so excited to see the new designs.  Bright Turquoise seems to be this year's spring/summer trend. Check out the bright rooms from this year's catalog:

I love the turquoise patterns on the table cloth. Florals are in this Year again  

Another floral pattern in Red.

The crochet work is very pretty. 

Some of my favorite home design collections that were featured in the past catalogs are:
Love this Moroccan themed room.  The Yellow accessories (rug, pillows, chair cushions etc) add a dramatic effect to the otherwise neutral Interior.   The tile work on the walls are delicately done. 

Yet, another daring interior setting. Wow, check out the Black and White accessories/furniture against the Red Wall.  Bold and Beautiful!

A really soothing bedroom.  I could sleep here all day and night & not give a damn about anything :)

I can't wait for Zara to open the Home design section in NY. I am not sure about the quality of the products, but I absolutely love the designs.  What do you guys think?  Do you like the Turquoise for this Summer? Or would you have preferred some other color? 
Do let me know.


Alicia B Designs said...

omg i had no idea! how exciting and exotic.

Tim said...

The quality should be alright, unlike most of the other brands, Zara does not "completely" outsource their production to factories around the world. So they should have more control on the quality.

anusha said...

Alicia, I know. I love the colors as well.
Tim, thanks for the insight on Zara's quality. I feel much better & I will ordering sometime soon.

Esra said...

Wow, all pictures showing the bedroom are divine!! Every detail is totally perfect. Thanks for sharing :)

bed frame said...

Those things are so good. I can see that it has a high quality. I am going to share this to my friends and I am sure that they will going to love it too.

Frances E. Copeland said...

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