Friday, January 30, 2009

Design and Architecture of Frank Gehry's IAC building in NYC

My hubby works in the IAC building located at Chelsea, New York City.  This December, I had been to his company's holiday party that took place in the building's lobby.  After a couple of glasses of alcohol and socializing with his colleagues, I decided to  venture out and check the design and architecture of this unique building. 

The IAC (InterActiveCorp) building  was built and completed in 2007 by Frank Gehry, a renowned Architect who built Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain.  What distinguishes this building from the others, is the way it is shaped.  Unlike other office buildings, IAC is not based on a rectangular geometric skeletal structure.    When viewed from the North, the building looks like  a glowing Yacht sailing towards the Hudson River.  The Motif of "Yacht" was Barry Diller's idea. (The CEO of IAC)

The building is entirely made of glass. The White exterior is achieved by using custom designed frits.

According to an article published in Guardian News: 

 "Frits are small white enamel dots that are silk-screened onto the glass below waist-height and above head-height, leaving an eye-level band of clear glass for untrammelled views"

Building at Night.  Looks like a huge glowing "A line" pleated skirt to me. 

Building Interiors: 

The Lobby: I love the curvilinear seating.  The video walls on the left are supposedly the largest in the world.  

The Cubicles

The cubicles were custom built and allow the light to pass through each and every work station. The nine-color palette blends warm and cool hues.

Finally, the Restrooms

Love this Bathroom. So colorful. 

Some critics claim that Frank Gehry's IAC Project is no where comparable to his earlier accomplishments such as the Guggenheim in Spain, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Disney, LA.  

I do agree with their stance, but at the same time, I also feel that Gehry has done a phenomenal job considering that this is an "Office building" and he had to abide by his Client's viewpoint. 

Any comments? Are you a big fan of Frank Gehry? If so, how do you think he could have changed the construction & design of this building? 


Anonymous said...

I do agree with other critics that this project is not one of Gehry's best work. Although, the building doesn't look symmetrical from a distance, when you come closer, it does seem to be more in symmetry & smooth edges. Gehry could have made it a little more rugged & could have exploited the "Yacht" motif a little more. I do like the Interiors though. Love the cubicles and the bathroom.

Radhika said...

bathroom is very Mondrian. love it :)