Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paula Hayes

Yesterday I was at the School of Visual Arts, and I couldn't help but notice the big poster of Paula Hayes pinned up on the main bulletin board.  Too bad I missed her event on the 20th. After my class got over, I came home right away and did a google search on Paula Hayes. 

Oh boy! what an extraordinary artist is she!

Paula Hayes is a New York based sculptor, painter and landscape designer.  She creates terrariums (enclosed glass containers for growing and displaying plants), bird houses, and other outdoor objects by incorporating living organisms into non-living things.   

As an admirer of nature, how can I possibly not like her, whose source of inspiration derives from Nature as well?

Terrariums by Paula Hayes:

I love the way Paula uses a biomorphic shaped hand blown glass container.  Since a terrarium displays  living plants, it makes sense to use an organic or amorphic shaped vessel. Paula does a remarkable job in displaying her work by following the theory "Form Follows Function" 

It reminds me of the fluidity and the rhythmic forms of nature.  It seems Paula puts in a lot of hard work and takes care of each terrarium for about a year until the miniature plants are positioned properly for sale.   

Paula's Dry Garden vase.

Paula Hayes's Planters displayed at Design Miami

These planters are gorgeous. Love the shape. 

A living Necklace

The living necklace is made of fishing lines. Paula crocheted these lines into hanging air-plant holders.

What a great addition to our Urban Living Room huh? 

Bird Projects: 

An example of a bird bath. I love the rendering work done in Acrylic. 

This bird feeder is hung in a tree shaped Aluminum pole. How cool is that? 

I am hooked onto Paula's work.  I feel so motivated to create my very own terrarium.  I already have a glass jar with an opening. I am just not sure about the steps to follow. 

Has anyone created a terrarium? Where do you get the miniature plants? Your advice, suggestions are welcome. 


Anonymous said...

wow! this is really beautiful! i had never heard of terrariums before today. they are absolutely gorgeous! great photography too!!

Radhika said...

nush...her pieces are pretty wicked. hey you can grow plants that are slow growing, moisture loving in variety (orchids, ferns, moss). For the fast growing ones, u would have to prune it often. other than tht all you would need is a good potting soil (miracle gro organic), some pebbles n rocks (decoration purpose and also for drainage), water and avoid direct sunlight and off you go. have fun :)
PS: Don't plant succulents..the inside is too moist for them

anusha said...

Radhi, I would follow your instructions and see what happens.
Thanks for leaving your comment.