Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bench Styles

Yesterday morning, I was walking across the Central Park. The weather was dreadful, cold and windy. As I rushed back to get home soon, I noticed this cute little doggy taking a nap in an isolated bench. It was such a delight. I felt so serene and peaceful. I love benches. I know it is such an ordinary object, yet it could be fun, artsy, simple, sophisticated and functional.

Taken from Nuevo Estilo. The colorful green pillow on top of the plain wrought Iron bench looks pretty chic. I like the clean and simple lines of the wooden seat.

Tree Trunk Bench From Vividvormgeving.
This is a perfect example of exhibiting the artistic elements involved in crafting this piece. A simple wooden trunk is used, with bronze chair back attached to the back of the log. Pretty easy DIY stuff.

El Filósofo (the philosopher) bench designed by Alfredo Häberli from BD Barcelona design.
Alfredo designed this bench, inspired by a person who needs some quiet and visual calm, but never wants to be alone, because he needs to chat.
Pretty cool isn't it?

An upholstered indoor bench from Domino by lili diallo.
This simple bench gets dressed by adding a vibrant throw, and colorful decorative pillows.

Another indoor bench substitute from Domino. The intricate detailed carvings are handcrafted in India.
These pairs are decorative as well as practical for seating, and storage. A perfect addition to your bedroom decor.

Any thoughts??


Urban LifeStyle Decor said...

I totally love this urban glam bed + benches. Great blog too. ~ susan

anusha said...

@Urban LifeStyle: Thank you.

Filipa said...

I bet you would like to have one of these pieces.