Tuesday, February 17, 2009

DIY - Medicine Box

Life cannot be taken for granted. This weekend, my dad was hospitalized. He underwent an open heart surgery. Thank god, his surgery went off well. I am very close to my dad, and I was taken aback and felt helpless when I heard the news from my sister. I wish I could've been near him in India. That moment made me realize that life is too short & I am going to try my  best to be healthy, happy & spend more time with my family. 

My dad is doing fine. He will be discharged after 10 days.  Besides sending him a get well card, I wanted to make something special. I came up with a hand-made medicine box. It is pretty easy to construct, and here are the steps:

Step # 1:

I took my spare Iphone Box and took out all the materials.  The only two things we need are the transparent lid with the hole, and the bottom box.  You can of-course substitute the Iphone box with a cardboard box of your choice. 

Step # 2:

Measure the sides (length, width and the depth). 

Step # 3:

Now, we need a mat knife and a mat board. Cut out a rectangle (subtract 1/2" (length and depth) from the above measurements). This will be used as the main divider. 

Cut three smaller rectangles/squares that we will use to slide between the walls of the box and the divider. 

Step # 4:

Choose a fabric and wrap the box using the selected fabric.I used a non poisonous/non lead based glue and paint.

Step # 5:

Now place the cut and colored rectangular mat pieces inside the box.  I have made five divisions.  

Step # 6:

Cut a small fabric to cover the box since the lid we will be using has a small hole in the center. 

Step # 7:

Slide and Place the transparent lid on top of the box. 

Step # 8:

Voila, here we have our final hand made medicine box. 

The best part of this box is the transparent lid. You can write notes using a marker, and can wash it off. Instead of a medicine box, you can also use this as a jewelry box or for storing any accessories. 

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Very kewl idea. looks pretty. Good to hear that your dad is doing fine.

Braja said...

Sorry to hear about your father...

But that box? THAT is awesome :) You're the sweetest daughter, and I have no doubt he can feel your love all the way over here, no problem...

anusha said...

Braja: aww.that is so sweet of you. You made me feel so good.
R.A: thanks for the comment.

Radhika said...

you should really mail this box over to him. he would so appreciate it. like the blue fabric.