Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's day!

Valentine's Day is not meant to be celebrated just for lovers. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, each one of us can celebrate this day in our own special way. When I was single, I used to invite my friends and family over for a nice dinner followed by a movie.
Now, I am married & a little broke. I need to come up with something a lil more cost effective. 
I started by penning down the things my husband likes, and here is the list: 

1) Girardelli's Dark chocolate
2) A movie buff
3) Loves to Eat
4) Encourages my creative pursuits
5) Loves to spend time with me outdoors.

Ok, so I am thinking this is easy, I can definitely come up with something that will not cost me a huge fortune. This is how I am planning on spending my special day tomorrow 

1) Bake a Cake at home
This is going to be my first time baking a chocolate cake. Any ideas?? Please send me some recipes if you have any. 

We had this Cake in Bellagio, Italy. This was our first vacation together after getting married.  We loved it. It tasted so YUMMM!

2) Pick up a Romantic Comedy movie, preferably something that was shot in France or Italy. We recently watched "Priceless" and I loved it.  I felt like going to the French Riviera the very same day.  I am thinking of renting "The Roman Holiday"  Any movie buff out there?? Is this a good movie? I would like to hear your reviews, besides going to Rotten tomatoes, and other movie review sites. 

3) Cook a Nice Dinner --Maybe something Italian to go with the movie. & buy Chianti 

Again, we had this Salad at the same restaurant in Bellagio. SO Fresh and Refreshing. 

That is my hubby having an Italian Beer at Roma. 

This is Me, Moi, waiting for the main course to arrive. 
I am so glad, I am looking at these photographs now. I have a good idea of what to cook now, Bruschetta, salad, and Pasta & buy some nice Chianti Vino Russo. 

4) create a greeting card at home from scratch

5) I was thinking of taking a stroll in the Central Park tomorrow. The weather is not cooperating though!
 Maybe Ice Skating at the AMNH??  I heard the admission tickets are pretty cheap (10 dollars/person including the rentals) & there is a coupon as well ( 2 for 1 valentine's special offer)

Whatever your plans are, Wishing you guys a very happy valentine's day. Enjoy and don't be Sad. Spend time with your loved ones, family or just simply enjoy the quality time spending with yourself.
I have a lot to do, clean, cook, etc etc. Ciao. 


Elizabeth said...

Happy Valentine's Day

Sheila-Army Wife said...

awe, that was cute. you and your husband look good together.
Valentines Day is mine and my husbands wedding anniversary. We actually celebrate it at day before or day after. This year was day before, which is tonight at a small restaurant, not big. Then on Valentines know the rest =D *blushing*
Nice blog. c u soon

Braja said...

Dinner in Italy...who can beat that. But I love your ideas for a home-grown Valentine's day...hope it went fantastically :)

Braja said...

And can you put up the follow button so i can keep track of you :)

anusha said...

Hope you guys had a wonderful Valentine's day. Braja: sure, I'll put up follow me gadget soon. Thnx for visiting my site.

erin@designcrisis said...

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day, and you're adorable!

anusha said...

thnx everyone for the wishes. Hope you guys had a wonderful time.