Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mirror Mirror Everywhere

Mirrors have been used as a decorative object throughout our history. Interior designers also use mirrors to make a room appear larger. By placing the mirror in a light reflected area, you can create various luminary illusions. Mirrors are now used largely in furniture and Accessories.

Here are some Mirrored objects:

Mirrored bookcase by Phillippe Starck From coscablog

Two in One: It can be used as a Mirror or as a bookcase.

Mirrored Tiles featured in ElleDecor.

I love the sparkling reflections created by the light.

From Toneli Designs

BABYKAKE by Karim Rashid.

This is a wall leaning mirror with two areas on both the sides for storage. The storage is hidden by using a graceful looking door. I like the Mirror with the two angular Red doors a lot.

Appendispeechi by D'Urbino - Lomazzi

Belly Dance by Giovanni Tommaso Gratton

First: It is a double sided mirror used to hang any thing like Keys, umbrellas, coats etc.
Second: Mirrors are knitted using metal support. This has a dual use as well. The mirror when hung from the ceiling is used as a room divider, Or can be hung on a wall.

Mirrored Furniture by Horchow

Autumn Mirrored Chest Circles Mirrored Cabinets

The Autumn Chest is handcrafted and hand-painted. Mirror Veneer applique on both the furniture makes any room look glamorous.

Double Fassane Mirror Radiator
By Acova

This is my Fav. A radiator and a mirror ensemble. Would you have imagined that?? Pretty awesome huh?
This fantastic radiator can be used in the foyer and bathroom.

Description taken from Trendir:

"The Double Fassane Mirror Radiator has five full-length flattened heating-tubes to maximise the heat output. Framed between these tubes is a 180 x 29 cm mirror. In foyers and bathrooms a full-length mirror is a necessity, allowing you that last quick check before you rush out the door."

Finally, the video embedded below is from the Cologne Design Festival, 2009 posted at Core 77. Here,
Nils Wodzak of Konzept Design presents his product, a Mirror Ironing Board.
A Mirror, Ironing Board, and a Cupboard: Three utilitarian functions combined in One product. Bravo Nils. What a wonderful product. It is perfect for small living spaces.

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GM said...

Whats not to like about mirrors? Especially the beautiful Italian ones from Tonelli design. Just SO stylish.