Friday, March 6, 2009

Reduce, Reuse and Renovate.

"Carbon Neutral on a Shoestring," an article published in 'The NY Times' under the Home and Garden section is so inspiring. Petz Scholtus, a 28 year old product designer from Luxumbourg, retrofitted her 18th-century apartment in Barcelona as a green machine. She wanted to create a complete Green Home using inexpensive materials adhering to the three fundamental R’s of environmentalism: reduce, reuse, recycle.
The Article is a must-read.

Here are some photos from the Slideshow:

Bidon Lamps:

She constructed her own handmade bidon lamps.
(bidón = jerry can or container;) She picked up a few from the streets, and fitted them with compact fluorescent bulbs and PVC-free wiring.
The DIY instructions can be found in her blog: Click Here

Magazine Holder:

She added castors to the antique drawers found on the street.

Compost for her Herb Garden:

"On the terrace, worms quietly gnaw through her kitchen scraps, making compost for her herb garden." -- NY Times

A planter made from an old tire

Storage Containers:

These Collapsible felt storage containers are called Stuff Bumps.
They are are made from recycled wool and card stock.

Carbon Free Moving

Ms. Scholtus used the truck-bike to move her furniture. Luckily she had none at that point of time.

I am so inspired by her going green motives. We all can do a little to save our environment. Start off by getting rid of plastics when you shop, do groceries etc. Take your own shopping bag. Try to recycle. I feel stricter laws should be enacted for recycling in the United States.
We all are responsible for making our Earth a better livable place for our future generation.

Any Thoughts??

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Simple, comfortable, beautiful. Love it.

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