Friday, March 20, 2009

MoMA Finds

I was thinking of visiting the Museum of Modern Art (a.k.a. MoMA) this weekend and decided to check out their online store. MoMA offers some really cool and unique products designed and produced by the world class designers/architects/artisans.

Here are the selected few items from my shopping bag.

This bookmark is a reproduction of the Frank Lloyd Wright's leaded glass windows designed for the Avery Coonley Playhouse and for the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo

The combination of the various geometrical shapes along with the inclusion of the bright colors works harmoniously together.

I love the attached gold tassel.

Toro Tissue Ring

Scott Christensen, 2003


If you are sick and tired of the plain old kleenex cardboard boxes, use this innovative tissue holder. All you have to do is remove the tissues and place the ring on top of the stack of tissues.

Tower of Clips

Barbara Flanagan, 2007


This is a perfect addition to your office. Create a display out of your office mess!

Holds paper, clips, photos, keys etc.

Designed by Barbara Flanagan for MoMA.

Product Description from the MoMA Store:

"The Cable Turtle conceals up to 36” of excess cords and wires, and is ideal for telephone and electrical cords, iPod chargers, speakers, and more. Set of two."

X-Shaped Rubber Bands


Aren't these cool?

I love these Bold and geometrical hooks.
Why not be creative and come up with some funky wall arrangements huh??

Have a wonderful weekend.



zobars said...

I like the bookmark and the wall hooks. cool finds.

Patricia Torres said...

I like the rubber bands... far too practical!! I also like the colourful wall hooks.. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I like my surroundings a little less modern ;) but I loved that bookmark!