Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Metallic Mesh Designs

Metals are used widely in almost all the Industries. The Malleable (meaning: It could be hammered down into thin strips) quality of the metal contributes to its predominance over other materials.

In the Design world, Metallic furniture are often used in a clean and minimalist style setting. Metals have this shimmery aesthetic quality, which when alone or combined with other materials, could produce an incredible fascinating end-product. Apart from using Metals as a part of furniture, Architectural and Design companies have started producing fabrics, lighting, and flooring materials from different metallic sources.

I love Metals. I use it everyday in the form of jewelry, shoes etc. I especially like the Mesh patterns of the Metallic objects.

Here are some:

(1) Metallic Drapery from Whiting & Davis

These striking and glamorous tall curtains made of Metallic mesh by Whiting & Davis are so chic and uber cool. It is an Urbanite's dream come true drapery. If I was residing in a loft or an industrial like building, this chic drapery would be my absolute buy!

These draperies are super freakin flam!

(2) Zafir Gold Mesh 15-Light Halogen Pendant Chandelier
Euro StyleLighting
Price: $949.91

This chandelier is stunning. If you would like to add an unique as well as an elegant accent to your home, this is it for you.
The shade has a delicate tissue paper like design. Fifteen lights shine through the gold mesh giving it a gracious look.

(3) Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chair
Designed by Harry Bertoia
Available at Knoll

I love the delicate interwoven metallic back of this chair. It looks very lightweight, airy and would be a great addition to a contemporary interior space.

(4) Gold Mesh Sofa by Russell Woodard.
Similar pieces can be found at 1stdibbs.com

(5) Ellie Shoes Women's 609-LIZ 6" Stiletto Heel Mule w/2" platform and Metallic Mesh
From Amazon.com
Price: $56.88
I love this Pump. If you want the center of attention, or would like to make a statement, wear this pump, it will not let you down :)


TheKeyBunch said...

Quite a collection of Mettalic designs you have put together there, Anusha.

I am personally not a metal fan, but I did like what you have put together :)


anusha said...

Sharon, Thanks dear.

karly / design crisis said...

yes, please to the curtains. Nice find

vineeta said...

The metal mesh drapaery is a fantabulous idea! I just stumbled on yr blog & glad to have found u. Keep the great work going! :)

Anonymous said...

The mesh curtains- i wonder how they will shine in the sunlight!

anusha said...

Thanks guys.
I am sure, the light passing through the curtains would produce a scintillating effect. Nice thinking Aditi.