Friday, March 13, 2009

Mondrian Craze

Piet Mondrian is one of my all time favorite artist. He produced art using simple, geometrical blocks based on a grid system utilizing the three primary colors, RED, BLUE, and YELLOW with black and white lines. The simplicity is what drives me closer to his art.

Designers have always been and will continue to get inspired by Mondrian. The most famous design movement, called the 'De Stijl' (Meaning The style in Dutch) used Mondrian's artistic elements. The movement was founded by architect and painter Theo van Deosburg in 1917 in Leiden. Other founders of the group included the sculptor Vantongerloo, architect JJP Oud, designer Rietveld, and the painter Mondrian.

Following are some of the Mondrian inspired pieces/design elements.

Mondrian Knit dress from Saks
On Sale: Price: $596.90
Still a lil expensive for me :(

Windows Vase by Chiasso
Price: $58.00
Affordable for me! Yay :)
It could be positioned in three ways. I love the modern and contemporary look of this Vase.

CHROMIFOCUS by Euroflues
This is a wall installed fireplace that acts as an art piece when closed using the three Mondrian Inspired sliding doors.

Price: $1070.00
This piece is handmade in Germany.

By Al & Jo: Mondrian inspired Classic Piet Cabinet Collection

CB2's Mondrian Media Console.


I love this CB2's media cabinet. It looks so light and airy.


Decker Large Shelf from Overstock
Although, the three primary colors are not used in this shelf, I see some Mondrian's inspiration in this piece.


Patricia Torres said...

lovely colours... amazing!! how they come together! I like the last media cabinet... very exciting!

anusha said...

Thanks Patricia.

Jennifer D. Vang said...

The mondrian designed dress is looking so wonderful. So unique in design. Have a nice color shade and pattern . I always prefer the unique dresses for my outfits. This one is too good for stylish outfit. I will love it with my long denim shorts