Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eclectic Interior design -- Japanese and Western Fusion

I have always been drawn by the simple straight lines of Japanese designs. The incorporation of natural materials are highly significant in designing the Interiors. Japanese believe in using less, and emphasize more on the practical use of everyday objects.

I asked myself, apart from the straight lines, what pulls me closer to the Japanese designs?
I came up with this list:

1) Low lying furniture
2) Superior esthetic qualities of the finished product
3) Muted and Neutral color Palettes
4) Remarkable hand crafting and wood working skills (Most furniture don't require screws)
5) Presence of their traditional cultural elements.

I recently moved to a new apartment, and I am planning on going with an eclectic Japanese/western decor for my bedroom.
Here are some Japanese interior settings that are worth looking at:

The Cabinet by Noriko Sawayama.

Noriko's philosophy is to create an unique and creative space by combining the Japanese traditional elements to the western interior setting.

I love this Cabinet. The Lotus floral pattern painted on top of the contrasting black cabinet is stunning. Lighting is provided inside for displaying beautiful objects.

Interior setting by Noriko.

The above cabinet is placed at the front wall. Noriko provides comfortable and simplistic furniture.

Mantra bed by FEG

Adhering to Feng Shui principles, Mauro Bertame created this low lying platform bed. The soft contoured Canopy extending from the back is so elegant.
Available at : Europe By NET

Bora Bora by Mazzali

The four wooden slats make up this bed. The cylindrical piece in the middle can be moved around. It can be used as a headboard for bed or as a backrest for sofa.

Available at Europe by NET

Contemporary bedding by Haiku Designs

Love this as I can see some color.

I am not sure where I found these two images, but I love the simple arrangement of the bedroom furniture.

A touch of green works really nice in this setting.


Gary Heller said...

Some great ideas here. i like the combining of the Japanese and Western styles.
Of the bedroom photos, I really like the simple and airy look and feel of that second image from the bottom.
Very nice.

Isabella said...

Lovely! I am exspecially fond of Japanese tableware - it looks so elegant!

Robert Petril said...

I love fusion! The mix of east and west can be so stunning, and so cool!

Filipa said...

Great post! Design lovers get inspired! This is really fantastic!