Wednesday, May 20, 2009


A big Yello to everyone!  It has been a while since I visited this blog kingdom. I hope I haven't missed out on anything big!    I am in this funky mood right now. I want to post something that is totally random, and doesn't fall under any particular category.

So here are the questions:

1) Anything exciting happening at your end?  
2) Did anything weird happen this week?

My weird story:

Today, around 6.00PM, I was walking down the street to get to my apartment, and out of no where this guy started screaming and yelling at people. I kept my distance to avoid him. Around 8.00sh, I again went out to grab a chai latte from Starbucks, and the same dude was still walking up and down the aisle, cursing and screaming away. It was kind of scary.  The pedestrians gave him a really weird look. I even noticed, some teenagers were laughing and making fun of him.  At first, like others I thought he was a total weirdo, but then, I felt someone must have pushed him too much. Maybe he was a war-vet or something.  I kept pondering how everything in life happens for a reason. Maybe it was his bad Karma or maybe it was just something else? I don't know. I decided not to think too much and ended up watching a funny movie.  Now, I am ready to hit the sack. 

Shadows : Random Pic of the NIGHTtaken by me.

good night.


Patricia Torres said...

Yello... Yello... I like this!! Yello... Hey your day was more eventful than my whole week.. I've had an absolutely normal week.. nothing exciting... nothing weird!!!

Thats a bit weird though about that dude... *hhhuummm* (you've got me thinking!!)

Anonymous said...

That sounds scary!